About Alexander

Current Research

Alexander is a third year PhD student of Information Science and Technology in the iSchool. He completed a BS in Economics at University of West Georgia in 2013. In 2017, he completed a thesis track MA in Economics at Georgia State under Dr. Paula Stephan while also completing three years of mathematics courses.

Presently he his working under Dr. Jeff Hemsley, and contributing to the STACKS project with BITS Lab. His primary GA work involves co-managing the Mongo database for Illuminating and the affiliated Linux servers and scripts.

Coming from a background in Science of Science and Economics of Science, Alexander is interested in semiotic innovation, learning, and practice. His primary interests are related to semiotic and semantic innovation on social media. Particularly, this involves considering the innovative communicative practices of memes, and how memes and people interact. Additionally, he is working on visual objects online related to political imagery, and how this informs people.

He is interested in connecting these areas to theoretical developments such as informational virality, spreadable media, and other social network phenomena.

Additionally, Alexander is interested in documentation practices in specialized “knowledge-interested” disciplines such as academia.


In the past, Alexander has been a teaching assistant, tutor, and Supplemental Instructor for various economics courses including Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, International Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, and Macroeconomic Policy.

Personal Life

Alexander is a coffee connoisseur (some might say “snob”) and spent 6 years in coffee industry and is a fountain pen fanatic. He has a strong interest in online cultures, and is gaining an interest in Linux development, the open source community, and blockchain and other decentralized virtual technologies. Importantly, Alexander is a fan of all manner of sci-fi, but has a special affinity for all things TRON, Blade Runner, and Star Wars. Also, he’s an advocate for the Open Source community.

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